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These scents are feminine, soft and subtly sweet. This scent group even has the potential to boost your mood and increase the occurrence of pleasant dreams.

Three good suggestions for you to find in our range:

-Adele Lavender:

Sweet and floral with fresh herbaceous undertones. Blends well with Chamolline at 50% - 50% and rosemary.

-White Elderflower:

The penultimate alpine flower. Distinctive floral, creamy and 'summery' with grassy lemony tones. Blends well with Blackberry Gooseberry Citrus Notes, Coconut and Vanilla's.

-Jasmine, Mint & Bamboo Stalk (Endless Bridal Veil Falls):

A complex and intriguing floral array of white florals blended with jasmine, patchouli, orange blossom plus a hint of fresh lemon.


The exquisite aroma of tropical Gardenia with a top note sweet and green and a floral body intense and rich. Truly captivating. 


It is characterized by its zesty and fresh notes that are desired for the spring/summer months or warmer, sunnier climates.

Three good suggestions for you to find in our range.

-Crushed Lime & Sea Salt:

Bright vibrant lime zest, dropping into mid notes of NZ beach flower (gazanias) with a block of aromatic driftwood and sea salt finish.

-Zesty Lime & Coconut:

Creamy coconut with zesty fresh lime to invigorate the senses. A year-round bestseller, think summer, sun, fun, and tropical getaways.

-Sweet Lime & Mandarin:

A citrus explosion of fresh, zesty Persian lime balanced with mid notes sweet mandarin and ruby grapefruit in a green pepper base.

Fruity & Romantic

These are fresh and invigorating. Main fruity notes include berries and other non-citrus fruits. Fruity notes are often sweet and juicy, they compliment floral notes well. These scents are known for their aphrodisiac effect.

Four good suggestions for you to find in our range.

-Tropical Pina Colada:

A sweet mixture of pineapple, coconut, vanilla, with a hint of rum. Bring the resort into your home for a relaxing holiday feel.

-Blackberry Jess:

Fresh, vine-ripened blackberries are mixed with Italian bergamot, bay leaf and softened with notes of plum wine, vanilla orchid and a silky, cashmere musk.

-French Pear:

Capturing the natural scent of French brandied sweet pears. One of our most popular. Green apple, white lily, osmanthus.

-Strawberry & Champagne:

A classic strawberry & champagne scent. Notes of sweet strawberry, lemon rind and ginger ale. Effervescent!

Gourmand/ Foodie

They have been described as olfactory desserts. Consisting primarily of edible notes, such as honey, chocolate, vanilla or candy. These top and middle notes may be blended with non-edible base notes such as patchouli or musk. 

Two good suggestions for you find in our range:

-Creme Brulee:

A contrast of creamy vanilla custard and decadent caramel along with hints of almond, cinnamon and butter. A real favourite with foodies.

-Marshmallow Sugar:

Smells Like Pillowy White, Melted Marshmellow Cream, Dusted with Vanilla Sugar.  Milk notes, roasted marshmallow, cinnamon, allspice.

Fresh & Tropical

Some fruits that are often found within this category are; lemons as well as citrusy raw materials such as lemongrass, verbena and bergamot.

Three good suggestions for you to find in our range.

-Fresh Orange Peel & Crisp Bergamot:

Escape winter with this delightfully fresh and relaxing scent. Calone, neroli, clove, dry Notes, Cedar, vanilla cream, white amber, sandalwood, musky notes.

-Watermelon Mojito:

Chilled freshly, picked sun-ripened watermelon balanced with zesty lime and finished with freshly torn spearmint leaves. This screams warm tropical getaways.

-Charly Passionfruit:

Unique sweet and fruity. One of the juiciest most succulent fruits EVER! A strong tropical paradise vibe that blends well with Mango, Coconut, Pineapple & Banana.

Earthy & Woody

Embody the scents of sweet soil, rain-soaked moss, fallen leaves and freshly dug roots, which are characterized by aromatic or citrus headnotes. Fragrances that are dominated by woody scents typically contain Sandalwood, Pine, Vetiver and Cedarwood.

Three good suggestions for you to find in our range.

-Kentucky Bourbon:

Dignified dark molasses notes, balanced with sweet smooth earthy barley and malted rye.

-Oak Moss:

Deep earthy tones combine to deliver oak-moss and amber, a stunning musk fragrance with woody base notes combined with amber, lavender and orange top notes.

-White Sandalwood & Cedar:

White Indian sandalwood is blended with creamy almond, white musk, cedar and exotic spices, with notes of lime, grapefruit and bergamot.