Our Policy

Find all about how important it is for us our planet, and the steps we take in every single step in our process.

ECO Ethos

Our policy is to give more for our planet while we can enjoy our candles in a sustainable way with our ECO ethos.

That's why we use 100% soy candles, they burn purer and cleaner, better for our health and the environment.

We are an eco-friendly business that welcomes the idea of re-using the jars for candles or refilling them. Click here

All the packaging we use is recycled.

Renewable Source

The soybeans from our soy wax we use in your candles are a renewable resource and as a result, soy candles are considered an environmentally-friendly choice.

Soy candles are different. Since they are made with natural wax, they produce less soot and hold fragrance better.  Our candles have good fragrance throw. Learn more 

This refers to the strength of scent a candle gives off, which means a rich scent until the last drop.

Environmental Quality

We know how important it is to recycle many things as we can.

Our candles are really fragile so we need to use different materials so they can arrive safely to your hands, so all our packaging is made of 100% recycled material.

We use reusable materials instead of plastic. We reuse scrap papers and the most important is that you can re-use our candle jars and containers for anything you want!