Room Spray

Introducing our Room Sprays.

Designed to immediately fill your space with our 5 popular RC fragrances: Adele Lavender, Passionfruit, White Sandalwood & Cedar, Zesty Lime & Coconut and Freesia & Patchouli. (you can refer to our fragrance chart to explore each scent and discover top notes)

Comes in our 100ml glass bottles with wooden lids just like our RC style!

Simply shake well, spray at least 4 times to start product flow and spray firmly each time you do so. Spritz at a distance of approximately 30cm from furnishings and surfaces, allowing the spray to settle and enjoy.


-Distilled water, Polysorbate 20 (vegetable-derived) and your fav non-toxic fragrance oils.

Do not spray directly into surfaces, this is a room spray only.

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