Sandalwood & Cedar - Tinned Candle


(Scent Family: Earthy) (Season: Autumn/ Winter)

Sandalwood is blended with creamy almond, white musk & cedar. The perfect scent for Autumn & Winter to stay cozy.

Sandalwood / Cedar / Musk


100% pure soy wax candles, non-toxic fragrances with natural cotton and lead-free wicks. Hand-poured and created in a sustainable way.


About ''Tinned'' candles:

The perfect way to enjoy any fragrance wherever you are on the go. As it is a non-fragile container, you can take it on road trips and even on overseas travel. The gold finish makes this candle look amazing.

100ml/ Suitable for small areas and for a short time burns (1-2 hours)

19.99 NZD