''Hand-poured and created in a sustainable way''



Be casual & take these candle, wick trimmer & tote bag bundle! You don't need anything else to be *breezy* This bundle includes: 1 x classic candle 1 x rc wick trimmer 1 x rc tote bag

59.00 NZD 75.00 NZD

CLASSIC - Soy Candle

This candle can add that special touch to your home and if you love the classic raglan beach style.  Suitable for small areas and for a short time burns (1-2 hours) Description: soy candle + cotton wick. 100g per candle. Up to 15hrs burn time.

25.00 NZD


Add a little ~spice~ to your home delivery with an RC Mystery Bundle. It's what's on the inside that counts, they don't need fancy packaging. Mystery Bundle #1 valued at $50.00 (worth over $70.00) Mystery Bundle #2 valued at $80.00 (worth over $110.00) Mystery Bundle #3 valued at $100.00 (worth over $150.00)   Any option you choose we promise an assorted bundle, a bit of everything from our range, however, if you want a specific family scent you can leave it in the comments at checkout and we will do our best to source it for you but is  not guaranteed. 

Starting at 50.00 NZD

Personalize your Candle

Custom Candle Label Service Are you ready to lift up your gifting experience? Make it unique with our new service. With this service, you will be able to gift an experience, for an anniversary or any occasion... a candle made especially for your loved one! You will be able to: Write the name of your loved one in the 'Made For' section (leave it in the additional comments at checkout, no more than 3 words long) Choose a pre-made phrase or write your own.* (leave it in the additional comments at checkout) Choose a pre-made scent. Additional Information: - 1 x 250g tinned soy candle - 1 x comes with box w/ same details as the candle. - 1 x cute card Processing time: 3-4 business days Note: Please make sure the phrase doesn't exceed more than 4 words long. Note II: If the candle is going to the recipient you are more than welcome to leave a wee note at checkout. If the candle is going to be given by you personally we are going to include the cute card in blank.

59.99 NZD

RC Sticker Pack

Add extra personality to your laptop, phone, bottle, etc. and even your candle with these cute stickers.  If you are a Raglan Lover these stickers can even go on your screen car, just saying. Designed in-house and a super cute addition to just about anything. Additional Information: Each pack comes with 5 rc sticker as per picture.

3.99 NZD

SPICED APPLE CRUMBLE | Apple + Cinnamon + Brown Sugar

The Most Popular Autumn Dessert! Your house will smell just like a freshly baked apple crumble straight from the oven! It's so delicious you'll want to eat it. ''Spiced Apple Crumble'' is a scent of a warm apple filling and a rich mix of cinnamon and spices with perfect buttery, crunchy, and crumbly topping notes. Notes: Apple + Cinnamon + Brown Sugar 250g Pure Soy Wax + cotton wick Burn Time: Approx 40hrs-45hrs Comes with box Want to add an accessory? Shop Bundles and Save $$

45.00 NZD

RC Tote Bag

Carry all you need, like EVERYTHING! with our spacious RC Tote Cotton Bag.  Environmentally friendly! When we designed this we kept in mind that you can carry on your groceries, take it to the beach or picnic day, walk with style in your favorite outfit, or simply because you want and can be as comfortable to use when carrying things! Our large RC tote bag is made of 100% cotton, is durable, and has a gusset, so very spacious. It has long handles so it can be comfortable to carry all your goodies on the shoulder.  Additional Information: 100% cotton Cream colour H 420mm x W 380mm x Gusset 90mm (excludes handles). Handle Length: 780mm. Environmentally friendly.

25.00 NZD

''Tinned'' Sample Kit

It's hard to smell candles through the screen that's why we've created a dedicated sample kit so you can try them before you commit to our ''Tinned'' candles. Sample Kit contains: 5 mini ''tinned'' candles ''Woodlands'' l Cedar + Patchouli + Sage ''Cozy Abode'' l Lotus + Bergamot + Musk ''Toffee'' l Caramel + Coffee + Vanilla ''Coastline'' l Sea Salt + Cucumber + Mint ''Spiced Apple Crumble l Apple +  Cinnamon + Brown Sugar Description: soy candle + cotton wick. 10g per candle. 4hrs burn time.

24.99 NZD 28.00 NZD


    100% sustainable soy wax candles

    All our candles are hand-poured 100% pure soy candles, But not only that, what you are smelling are Phthalate-free scents (non-toxic). We want that all our customers have the peace of mind that burning our candles won't affect your health or the environment. Small batch candles which means that we can assure the quality into all our candles. Read more about how we started, our brand purpose and how our candles are unique from the story to the finished product.


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