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Raglan Candles was created to captivate you with our different candle scents, beautiful design and for you to enjoy lighting your candles in a sustainable way. 

Based in Raglan, New Zealand

Who we are...

Know more about Raglan Candles and the team behind it.

Discover why you can enjoy lighting your candles in a sustainable way with ingredients ethically sourced and why we are an eco-friendly business.

Let our reviews speak for us!

''...I'm literally in shock that these are handmade! The way the parcel was packaged really showed how much love and care went into everything they do and I am so grateful I stumbled upon these beautiful candles. My only mistake is not buying more. I highly recommend them, they are all so beautiful and will definitely boost the look of any room. Thank you Raglan Candles''

Casey M.

Sydney, Australia

'' I A D O R E Raglan Candles. It's an understatement to say I love their products. They're such a hard-working couple that create the most beautiful and pristine products you'll see. The scents available are also divine and you have plenty of choices! I'm going to be a longtime fan and can't wait for their new rose candle release'' 😍

Pearl E.

Wellington, New Zealand

''Absolutely wonderful experience ordering from Raglan Candles. Vanessa answered my queries super fast, my order was processed immediately and correspondence was 10 out of 10. The candle was beautifully wrapped and came with an extra 'Kentucky Bourbon' sample and some delicious McIntosh lollies, a very sweet touch.

Your customer service is outstanding Vanessa, I love your gorgeous fragrant candles, and yes, I will be back :)''

Ingrid G.

Paeroa, New Zealand

''Thank you for sending your products to Japan! so happy that I was able to make my family happy:) they also sent their products with a sweet letter 💜 I really appreciate you 🙏🏻
We are happy to be a first customer in Japan 🧡Thank you so much''  

Erika T.

Hamilton, New Zealand

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