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VINTAGE SWEATER | Cashmere + Creamy Sandalwood

reminiscent of knitted clothing evoking old memories. Our "Vintage Sweater'' candle has a sophisticated blend of vanilla, amber, creamy sandalwood, and exotic spices. Notes: Cashmere + Creamy Sandalwood 250g Pure Soy Wax + Cotton wick Burn Time: Approx 40hrs-45hrs. Comes with box

45.00 NZD

CHAI LATTE | Cinnamon + Maple + Vanilla

the sweet aroma of piping brewed hot chai latte. Our 'Chai Latte' candle has notes of cinnamon, maple, vanilla & allspices.  Perfect for those autumn crisp mornings. Notes: Cinnamon + Maple + Vanilla 250g Pure Soy Wax + Cotton wick Burn Time: Approx 40hrs-45hrs. Comes with box

45.00 NZD


OUR DUO, Chai Latte candle & Vintage Sweater are the perfect combo for these crisp autumn days. Why grab one when you can grab both? 1 x Chai Latte candle 1 x Vintage Sweater

65.00 NZD 80.00 NZD


s i m p l e. Our Minimalist candles are simple, where the fragrance becomes the focal point and fits perfectly in every space you place it in. This candle is the only one in our Raglan Candles™ collection that features a beautiful and unique X wooden wick that is eco-friendly and provides a clean burning that will create a playful cylindrical flame when burned. Additional Information: 175 g soy wax candle. FSC-certified wood wick. Up to 45 hours burn time. Reusable tumbler glass.

35.00 NZD


This bigger presentation will fill up larger spaces and keep each corner of your house cozy and warm. Our grande candle is very minimal with its glass jar and our wooden lid. Suitable for bigger areas and for a long time burns (3-4 hours) Description: soy candle + triple cotton wick. 400g per candle. Up to 60hrs burn time.

55.00 NZD

Home Diffuser

Raglan Candles ™ Home Diffusers are designed to diffuse fragrance through their rattan reed sticks and provide a more subtle aroma in any place it's put in. Delivering a low-maintenance scent that is flameless and long-lasting. Enjoy the scent:  If you want to enjoy your Home Diffuser faster, immerse the rattan reeds into the bottle and after soaking, flip the reeds.  Flip the reeds every week for neat results. Last up to 12 weeks. Includes: 6 natural unbleached rattan reeds. (Our rattan reeds can be recycled and it's environmentally friendly) 100ml Home Diffuser Warning: Wash hands and other contacted skin thoroughly after handling. May cause an allergic skin reaction. If on the skin: Wash with plenty of soap and water.

45.00 NZD

Tealight Box

4 classic-sized Non-toxic, recyclable polycarbonate tealights are packed inside our signature box with tissue paper to protect them.  The sturdy box means these tealights would make a beautiful, thoughtful gift and the most important thing will arrive safely to you. - We would recommend using at least 2 tealight s at a time to ensure the scent is noticeable in a room. All packaging is plastic free and can be placed in your household recycling. -- Burn Time: 4-5  hours per tealight. Stay cooler and safe to touch. Each box contains 4 tealights of the same scent. Fragrance Chart Reference   Try it with our Terracotta Wax Burner

12.99 NZD

Mini Bubble Candle

Our new Mini Bubble is an eye-catcher because it adds a minimalist touch to any space in its very unique mini shape!  Available in 3 shades that have been created from the things around us... Natural: The classic white Copper: The colours of Autumn Latte: Morning coffee drinks. Additional Information Size: 3.5cm (L) 3.5cm (w) 3.5cm (h) Pure Soy Wax + Cotton Wick T his candle is designed to be decorative but you can still light it- you choose your style! Disclaimer If you decide to burn - always make sure they are placed on a heat-resistant surface to catch the melting wax. Each candle is individually hand-poured, each one is unique.

Starting at 3.00 NZD


This candle can add that special touch to your home, with a simple glass jar and a stunning wooden lid and it's perfect if you love the classic raglan beach style.  Suitable for small areas and for a short time burns (1-2 hours) Description: soy candle + cotton wick. 110g per candle / Up to 15hrs burn time. comes with its own box.

25.00 NZD


Add a little ~spice~ to your home delivery with an RC Mystery Bundle. It's what's on the inside that counts, they don't need fancy packaging. Mystery Bundle #1 valued at $50.00 (worth over $70.00) Mystery Bundle #2 valued at $80.00 (worth over $110.00) Mystery Bundle #3 valued at $100.00 (worth over $150.00)   Any option you choose we promise an assorted bundle, a bit of everything from our range, however, if you want a specific family scent you can leave it in the comments at checkout and we will do our best to source it for you but is  not guaranteed. 

Starting at 50.00 NZD

Personalize your Candle

Custom Candle Label Service Are you ready to lift up your gifting experience? Make it unique with our new service. With this service, you will be able to gift an experience, for an anniversary or any occasion... a candle made especially for your loved one! You will be able to: Write the name of your loved one in the 'Made For' section (leave it in the additional comments at checkout, no more than 3 words long) Choose a pre-made phrase or write your own.* (leave it in the additional comments at checkout) Choose a pre-made scent. Additional Information: - 1 x 250g tinned soy candle - 1 x comes with box w/ same details as the candle. - 1 x cute card Processing time: 3-4 business days Note: Please make sure the phrase doesn't exceed more than 4 words long. Note II: If the candle is going to the recipient you are more than welcome to leave a wee note at checkout. If the candle is going to be given by you personally we are going to include the cute card in blank. If you  need help, let's chat:

42.00 NZD 55.00 NZD

RC Sticker Pack

Add extra personality to your laptop, phone, bottle, etc. and even your candle with these cute stickers.  If you are a Raglan Lover these stickers can even go on your screen car, just saying. Designed in-house and a super cute addition to just about anything. Additional Information: Each pack comes with 5 rc sticker as per picture.

3.99 NZD

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