Know about how we started and our main goal to bring you our selection of hand-poured candles to your home.


(Vanessa) I am originally from Peru, South America, when we got married I moved to New Zealand in 2019. After 9 months I wanted to start a job. When I was in Peru I used to work in a Business Magazine, leading the Marketing Team. I was looking for jobs however it was hard for me to go around as I didn't know how to drive. So Josh gave some ideas and he said: What if you start your own Business?'' I doubted it but I agreed with him.

(Vanessa & Josh) The idea of Raglan Candles first came to us while we were having dinner one night. We had a candle that a lovely friend brought for us on our Anniversary day. It was a candle from one of the big retail outlets burning on our table. 

(Vanessa) While brainstorming about which business I could start, out of curiosity, we took a quick read of the ingredients of this retail candle we were burning once again and we were curious to read that the candle was made from Paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product we did research and the toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes.

Then was when we realized that it may be a way to create beautiful candles in a sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly way with a beautiful and unique design. Months of testing, studying and learning made a beginning for Raglan Candles in 2020.


Our main saying is ''Handpoured and created in a sustainable way 🌱''

We try to stick as much as possible with our saying. We really wanted to bring New Zealand unique pure soy candles using certified ingredients that are ethically sourced.

Raglan Candles™ is created to captivate you with our cozy and unique candle scents, with a beautiful design to enjoy lighting your candles in a sustainable way.

We are a team of 5. Vanessa, Josh & Andrea + 🐱Myla & Miko (purr-fect assistants)

From left to right: Andrea (Production & Packaging), Josh (Co-Owner & Sales Manager), Vanessa (Owner & Marketing Manager)
From left to right: Andrea (Production & Packaging), Josh (Co-Owner & Sales Manager), Vanessa (Owner & Marketing Manager)

Our candles are produced in small batches and hand-poured in our Candle Studio in Raglan, New Zealand. We support other small businesses like Homewares and pieces made by them in our shop. All of them have a coastal, aesthetic design that will add that unique vibe to your home.

All our candles are hand-poured with love from us to you. 

Read about our Policy and the ingredients we use 👇


This is the place where all steps of the process of your candles are made. Every month we host Open Studios if you want to know the dates click here.


Vanessa Miller - Owner & Marketing Manager

She leads Raglan Candles and always is focused on the little details that go into every step of our candles like production, quality control and packaging. She is mainly the face behind our social media channels, wholesale emails and general enquiries.

Josh Miller - Co-Founder & Sales Manager

He is responsible for leading and guiding the sales of RC and emailing potential retail clients. He has always focused on our customers' satisfaction and helps in the Packaging & Production area.

Andrea Miller - Production & Packaging

She helps part-time Vanessa & Josh in production and packaging. She puts effort into making sure your candles are perfectly perfect for the packing step.