Raglan Candles started when Vanessa & Josh were watching a little candle next to their dining table and started thinking ... why not make eco-friendly, natural candles, with delicious fragrances to burn. Since then, the inspiration started, and now we bring to you the unique and delicious coastal styled candles and centrepieces.

All of our candles are crafted with love from us to you.

Join us on our journey!


Owner, social media, photographer, and most importantly chandler!

Originally I am from Peru and I used to be a Marketing & Communication Manager for a Business Magazine.

I consider myself an animal lover, and I love to explore new places. 

I enjoy walking on the beach especially because that is a must here in Raglan. My favourite scent from our candle range is Charly Passionfruit as it is fresh and tropical.



Co-Owner, Photographer, dispatch & packaging

I have lived in Raglan for just over 10 years however my family has deep roots in this town.

I work as an electrician for a family-based electrical company and when I am not working as an electrician, I help out how I can with your orders, making sure they get to you on time!

I love sunsets, chocolate, and best of all, my wife Vanessa.

My favourite scent from our range is the sunset at the wharf scent because I can't resist that summer feeling!

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