About the Teaam


The idea of Raglan Candles first came to us while we were having dinner one night. We had a candle we brought from one of the big retail outlets burning on our table. Out of curiosity, we took a read of the ingredients and we were amazed to read that the wax was made from Paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product. We love being eco-friendly so we really wanted to bring New Zealand and the World, healthy, natural with sophisticated long-lasting fragrances, using natural and certified ingredients, ethically sourced.

Take a piece of Raglan home with you! ⁓

We use Pure Soy wax, our cotton wicks are made from textile-grade cotton and all-natural and our wooden wicks are native and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified. We use concentrated fragrance oils made from natural, naturally derived and plant-based ingredients.

We are an eco-friendly business so all the packaging we use is recycled & we offer refill options.

All our candles are crafted with love from us to you.

Join us on our journey!


Owner, social media, photographer, and most importantly chandler!

Originally I am from Peru and I used to be a Marketing & Communication Manager for a Business Magazine.

I consider myself an animal lover, and I love to explore new places. 

I enjoy walking on the beach especially because that is a must here in Raglan. My favourite scent from our candle range is Charly Passionfruit as it is fresh and tropical.




Co-Owner, Photographer, dispatch & packaging

I have lived in Raglan for just over 10 years however my family has deep roots in this town.

I work as an electrician for a family-based electrical company and when I am not working as an electrician, I help out how I can with your orders, making sure they get to you on time!

I love sunsets, chocolate, and best of all, my wife Vanessa.

My favourite scent from our range is the sunset at the wharf scent because I can't resist that summer feeling!