We have designed this space to answer your most popular questions!

  • Do you have a physical store?

- Currently, we only have an online store, however, we are stocked in many locations around New Zealand. You can find your local Stockists here.

  • Can I reuse my candle jars?

- Yes, of course, you can. We are an eco-friendly business so we want to reuse as many things as possible, so once you have finished burning your candle, we encourage you to recycle or reuse the glass jar. Read blog. If you are in Raglan, you can head into SWOP at 9a Bow St, Raglan and drop off your empty clean jar and we will refill it for you in a week time. Easy! For any other queries please email us: admin@raglancandles.com

  • What type of fragrance oils do you use?

-RC candles are made to the highest quality and safety standards and we use 100% Phthalate-free fragrance oils in our candles. We only work with fragrance vendors who comply with standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). 

  • Do you offer wholesale prices?

-Yes, we do. We always enjoy working with other local businesses, so we are always open to receiving applications for this. If you want more information about this, please visit our wholesale website click here.

  • Do you offer custom packs for clients/ staff/ events?
-Yes, we can do that for you. We have plenty of options. Also if you are looking for a Team Building day we offer Candle Pouring Experience sessions. Email us admin@raglancandles.com 

  • What makes your Raglan Candles special?

-We are proud to bring the 'Raglan' name to all parts of the world. All our candles are made from certified pure soy wax from sustainable sources. We have an exclusive Raglan Edition, four candles inspired from 4 beautiful places in Raglan which we crafted to take you to these places with their delicious scents! 

  • Do you offer gift wrapping options?

-Yes, we do. Impress your special person with our aesthetic wrapping option. You can find it here

  • Can I personalized a candle?

-Yes, you can. We have our Custom Candle Label Service where you can lift up gifting experience giving a unique candle to your loved for an occasion, memory, anniversary, etc.