Benefits of a candle in your day


Most people agree that candles change moods, and this is true believe it or not.

Candles have a really high effect on us:

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

There are a variety of scented oils and candles one can use to relieve stress. The combination of both strong-scented candles and oils is known to increase the effectiveness of anxiety reduction. Make sure to use scented candles that are appealing to you and your senses.

Candle recommendation: Classic Candle (Adele Lavender)

Inspires Creativity

You don't know where to start? If you light a candle this is going to give you a calm atmosphere for you to dig into your deep ideas and that will make you full of inspiration throughout your day.  As is checking out the tips on - if you can, try mapping your day into 30-minute chunks - whether with work or with kids - and doing focused work in the morning, before connecting to the news. A study showed that participants who were exposed to just 3 minutes of negative news in the morning were 27% less likely to rate themselves as happy at the end of the day. Pretty shocking, eh?

Candle recommendation: Classic Candle (Sandalwood & Cedar)

Creates a positive Atmosphere

Well, we know this, a tip that I can 1000% recommend to you is after finishing cleaning my entire house I light candles, literally, everywhere. This not only gives me the satisfaction of a clean house but also a clean atmosphere, ready to receive someone or have the peace of mind that my candles give that have the last and most important touch.

Candle recommendation: Grande Candle (Sweet Lime & Mandarin)

We hope these tips help you lots.