Lift up your candle gifting experience. How?


In January we started to develop this new service, thinking in how this new concept of ours will make your gifting experience different and unique🤍. 

Back in March I had the opportunity to test this service myself, gifting my husband and biz partner Josh a custom candle for our Wedding Anniversary and there was when all the hard work came to life and I was able to test myself and what a unique experience it was!✨️

That is what I want to create with you with our  new Custom Candle Label Service to give not only a candle but a/an: experience, memory, moment & occasion + more.

Let the imagination fly and make your candle unique like the person you are giving this candle to.

We know that there is something unique and special to give, that's why we have created this service for you!

Create your personalize candle here

See you there.

Vanessa Miller, Founder