Our ''Tinned'' Candles are unique in New Zealand!


Our ''Tinned'' candles are stealing glances.

When first I started to plan things for 2023, I did countless research to implement my ''Tinned'' soy candles, ''Will it look good?'', ''Will it be popular?'', ''What else to do to make it even unique?'' 

So the first weeks of January I started to look for suppliers that meet our RC standards, etc. Then the next challenging part was choosing scents (the hardest). As this vessel is going to be unique I needed to create unique blends that will suit them. So weeks of testing wicks, vessels & scents started. When these stage was almost done It was the time to take photos and doing some advertising and WOW! the response was incredible and people start loving them even before the launch! That was the answer to my questions!

The first day of the launch we sold out 200 candles! And we are featured in Focus Magazine and soon in Eye Magazine in their June issue! What a milestone for us!

We are so happy and proud to be unique in New Zealand. Our ''Tinned'' concept is flash and at the same time it looks fashionable and we are sure it will look even more cute in any space of your home.

This concept is so minimalistic but at the same time it's easy to style. This time Raglan Candles has done it again, we have brought 4 unique blend scents. 

WOODLANDS l Cedar + Patchouli + Sage

COZY ABODE l Lotus + Bergamot + Musk

COASTLINE l Sea Salt + Cucumber + Mint

TOFFEE l Caramel + Coffee + Vanilla

You won't regret on any of these scents! Don't forget to tag us and follow us on IG & FB!

Vanessa - RC TEAM