Why our Room Sprays are effortless & simple?


The easiest way to add instant refreshment to your house? ✨️Room Sprays✨️

🙌🏻Spray 3 or 4 times & you're done.- After cleaning my house even though everything seems clean, there are times when my home needs an extra boost of scent. I may be stuck inside for days or may have made something a little smelly for dinner, but room sprays take care of it simply and quickly.

🙌🏻Easy to carry everywhere if you wish.-  I can put the room spray into my purse with me when I travel or when I go for a well-deserved R&R so that I can always add a burst of fragrance wherever I go. Especially if we are picky about scents. I want to carry my favorite one!

🙌🏻Effortless & simple.- All our candles require lighting and trimming the wick. Plus, you have to remember to blow it out each time you leave your home. But if you are a person that doesn't like much candles, our Room Sprays are simple – you just squirt a wonderful fragrance into the air and forget about it. You can add a little bit of scent or add a bigger dose of fragrance. It's completely up to you.

And just saying Room Sprays + Soy Candles are to die for too!
Who's adding this one to their collection? 👇🏼 

Thanks for reading,

Vanessa Miller - Founder