This Winter Collab is Unique! Why?


This collab was organized the last year 2021, and after a few months of creating, our ''Ceramic Candle Vessels'' are here. This is a Winter Collab and very UNIQUE from the scent to the vessel that is hand-thrown in Auckland, NZ by Tracey, Owner of S'lina Ceramics.

This candle is scented with our unique, special blend called ''Bourbon'' with notes of Dark Molasses, Sweet & Smooth Earthy Barley and Malted Rye. Perfect for these cold winter mornings.

In every collab we do, we always seek for giving life not only to one product but to others at the same time. How? Well, after you finish it as a candle you can reuse it as a cup for your hot drinks or as a holder for brushes, make-up, keys, long matches, pens, etc! How amazing.

This collab is a limited edition. If you don't want to miss out please follow us on our socials.

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