How can I clean my candle jar? Freezer Method❄


You have finished your candle and don't know what to do? As the founder of Raglan Candles, our mission is always give more to our planet, so I am going to show you my favourite mess-free method to clean your candle vessel ready to re-purpose it, in a previous blog I gave you ideas how to repurpose it.

Freezer Method:

Why this is my favourite method? Well, if you don't know, handling soy wax can be tidious as it has an oily consistency when has contact with water. So this will keep your hands mess-free.

Step 1: Place your candle vessel in the freezer overnigth, but a couple of hours works too. This will help the wax to come off from the edges in an easier way.

Step 2: Take the vessel out and with a help of a knife or a spoon scrap it, it should come easily.

Step 3: Don't trash the remaining pieces of wax, reuse it as wax melts.

Step 4: Clean the vessel with a towel paper to take the remaining wax.

Step 5: Add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid and add a bit of warm water and soak it for a couple of minutes, and then dry with towel paper.

Step 6: Your vessel is ready to be repurpose.

Be creative when you want to repurpose your new container.

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-Vanessa, RC TEAM.