Ways to Repurpose your Candle Jars


Have you ever burned a candle only to have a leftover jar, unsure of what to do with it? Repurpose it!  In this blog, we wanted to give you ideas on how you can give your candle a second life. 

First, clean out your candle tin by pouring hot water and wait for 10 minutes. The leftover wax is going to come, but wait, don't through the remaining wax as you can place it like Soy Melts in your Wax Burner (great tip), then rinse with soap and hot water.

Time to Re-purpose:

Decorate your center table or dining room table. Use the jar to grow some herbs or indoor plants

Set up your cotton buds, these will be easy to find if you place them on your bathroom counter.

Organize your favourite make-up brushes, combs, and hair brushes.

We hope this provided some inspiration for re-purposing your candle jars at home. 

PS: We love seeing how you repurpose them-tag us on Instagram @raglancandles.

Stay Cozy