Must Try: Our Top 3 Autumn Candle Scents


Autumn is the season after summer when leaves fall from trees. Weather is generally most settled, calm sunny days, mornings and evenings starting to get chilly, and days getting shorter, and everything turns brown. Time to be in front of the fire reading a good book or just relaxing with a warm blanket around you.

Candle season starts in Autumn and we will introduce our TOP 3 autumn scents you need to try to bring warmth to your house.

Spiced Apple Pie l Apple + Cinnamon + Brown Sugar

''Spiced Apple Crumble'' is a scent of a warm apple filling and a rich mix of cinnamon and spices with perfect buttery, crunchy, and crumbly topping notes. Your house will smell just like a freshly baked apple crumble straight from the oven! It's so delicious you'll want to eat it! 

Toffee l Caramel + Coffee + Vanilla

Our ''Toffee'' candle is the scent of sweet caramel and toffee notes, smoothly blended with rich vanilla and coffee for a bitter hint. So if you are a sugar lover, this mouth-watering candy is going to take all the credits with no calories, even better when you are on a diet.

Woodsmoke & Fire

A comforting earthy, heady scent. Top notes of Vetiver Patchouli and wood smoke, dropping into clean cedar mid notes in a base of frankincense and soft bergamot. You don't need to have a fire to bring those vibes, light this candle next to a book, and the night is sorted!

We hope this quick guide helps you to choose the right candle from our range! Always remember that candles can change the atmosphere and can bring us calm, perfect for those chilly days.

Vanessa - RC TEAM