We held a corporate event like no other


When @tompkins_wake asked us to do a candle pouring workshop (experience) as a Team Building day for 41 people we were like 😱!

But you might ask who are Tompkins Wake? They are a leading New Zealand law firm.

Couldn't lie, we were so happy but nervous too, we have never taught more than 42 people (lawyers)! This was a challenge for both of us, Josh & I. 

But we told ourselves that we will give our best 🙌🏻 and we did! They were so happy, the experience and feedback was AMAZING, beyond that I would say. 

Plus the candle pouring workshop was held in the beautiful Woodlands Estate in Gordonton.

This was a HUGE experience for us and we made the experience for them very unique as they deserved✨️
Thank you for always supporting us and letting us enjoy these experiences! 🤍 

Look at those pictures...

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-Vanessa Miller, Founder