Column Candle

Our column candle is designed to bring an aesthetic look to your home and it will stand out with its sculptural patterns. 

This candle is designed to be decorative but you can still light it, you choose your style!

Available in 3 shades that have been created from the things around us...

Natural: The classic white

Copper: The colours of Autumn

Latte: Morning coffee drinks. 

Additional information

  • Dimensions: 26cm H x 2.20cm W
  • This candle is unscented.
  • Made of pure soy wax + vegetable-based dyes


Each candle is made by hand, so each piece is unique in its own tiny way. There may be slight colour differences between batches.

If you decide to burn the candle(s) - Please use a candle holder or candle plate underneath for the tear drip. Shop our candle dishes here

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