Wooden Bowl Candle


These wooden bowl candles look so stunning as a beautifully curated centerpiece, hand-poured with the finest and pure soy wax, you can style them anywhere.

Our bowls are made from acacia wood, each with its unique wood grain pattern, making them beautiful as well as practical. To maintain the original appearance of these bowls, once the candle is done, occasionally wipe the surface with vegetable oil. 

Never leave the wooden bowl candles unattended. 

Additional Information

450g soy wax (150mm diameter)

Burn Time: Up to 60 hours.

Do not submerge in water. Not dishwasher safe. Once you are done with your candle, wipe it clean with a damp cloth and allow it to dry naturally. 

Make sure to read our FAQ below.

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Wooden Bowl Candles - FAQ

1. How to burn properly a wooden bowl candle?

Stop burning when only 1/4 of an inch of wax remains in the bottom of the vessel. This is how you can safely burn a dough bowl candle in your home.

2. Is it safe to burn a candle in a wooden bowl?

There is little chance for the wooden bowl to catch fire itself. The open flame only ever comes into contact with the wick and wax of the candle.

We believe they are safe to burn as long as the person burning it is aware of and follows the burning instructions provided.

3. How to reuse a wooden bowl candle?

You can reuse your dough bowl once the candle is burned down and only 1/4 of an inch of wax remains in the bottom of the wooden bowl. 

First, use a heat gun or hair blow dryer to melt and remove any remaining wax. Then, remove wicks and after a quick wipe around the inside of your wooden bowl, it can be repurposed in many different ways.